Shopping Strategies - Finding What Works

Damsel in Dior, A Piece of Toast and Gal Meets Glam
Back again with what I consider the second step in figuring out your best shopping strategy. Finding brands, styles, fits and colors that work for you. I think this may be the most important. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered a wrap dress online only to discover the V of the neck shows more than half of my chest. Sometimes we have to come to the conclusion that a particular style doesn’t generally work for our figure. Now this doesn’t mean your closet should be one color, style or from one store but it does mean that if you recognize a pattern of a brand not fitting you correctly then you should be more hesitant to purchase even when that cute dress is 50% off online. I won’t even get into the impact that I think sales have on our shopping tendencies -- that is for an entire different post. They’re dangerous though, let’s just say that!
Take the photos above for example, all three women wearing the same Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans(different washes) slightly different fit and hit different on their ankles. See the difference?!

There’s no really easy way to accomplish this step unfortunately. You just have try on a lot of clothes. Try new brands and styles when you find them and don’t judge something by the way it hangs on a hanger. Try it on! You never know how a color looks against your skin tone until it’s on you. This step can be tedious but it pays major dividends in the future.

- Heath


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