Christmas PJs

Did you guys grow up with the tradition of getting new Christmas pajamas every year on Christmas Eve?  We didn't but I really feel like just about everyone did!  I'm considering starting that tradition with Virginia, but this year we gave Virginia her Christmas jammies on Thanksgiving night so she could wear them all season.  My mom, Heath and J.D. were sweet and surprised me with a handful of beautiful pajamas and robes when I was in the hospital on Virginia's birthday.  They knew I'd be spending a lot of time over the next few months in pajamas, and I've loved having fresh options so I feel a little more pretty when I'm basically lounging around the house.

We've picked out a few options that are comfy but still a little put together.  Perfect for waking up on Christmas morning with company at your house.  Also perfect because you know you'll be taking lots of pictures.  For the most part, we picked options that don't scream Christmas.  I'd rather buy something a little more wintery and a little less Christmasy.

Side note - you can order the JCrew Flannel Plaid and Swiss Dot with a monogram - perfect gift for just about anyone!  A little monogram would make the gift feel special and JCrew is always offering sales.

Clockwise from top left:  Boden Pajama Bottoms (on sale now!) that they pair with a cute cami;  JCrew End-on-end Pajama Set with Swiss Dot; Old Navy Polkadot pajama top; JCrew Silk Nightshirt in Colorblock Dot; Hanna Anderson Long John Pajama pants; Madewell Leggings in Heart Flip Print; Lands End Canvas Mistletoe Merino shorts; JCrew Pajama Set in Bright Cerise Plaid Flannel


  1. I was JUST talking about Christmas pajamas with my sisters! One of them gifted us all a set many moons ago...with Christmas kitties, candy canes and the sort. Definitely time for an upgrade :)

  2. Love this tradition! I recently got the jcrew plaid in a nightshirt and it is heavenly! So soft and cozy! Merry Christmas! Xx

  3. Amanda, I'm so jealous of the monogram you ordered on your PJs and I'm thinking of returning mine and repurchasing with a chartreuse monogram too!

    Carrie, that plaid was my favorite but it's usually too hot for flannel in the Carolinas unfortunately.

  4. Do it! Then we can have a PJ party :)