Time to Wrap!

I've spent the past few nights after Virginia's gone to sleeping wrapping away gifts for next week!  None of my gifts look like the beautiful packages that I'm seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram, or even the packages above, but it's fun for me to think that one year I'll make my gifts look this good!  This year I actually didn't buy a single ribbon or roll of wrapping paper (I'm using up leftovers, Virginia will never know the difference!) but there are some beautiful options out there.  The tags, bags and ribbons above all come from Paper Source.  I like to buy inexpensive paper from Target for most of my large gifts, and then get a few rolls of special paper for the small gifts from a place like Paper Source.  The online shop Waiting on Martha and even Crate and Barrel have some gorgeous options this year too.  Do you guys care about how you wrap your presents, do you do a particular wrapping theme, or just use leftover paper like me!?

~Mary Keller

Top image via Hello Happiness; Bottom image via Peonies and Brass


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