Back to Basics: Black Pants

I think I've found the perfect pair of black pants! You're probably sick of hearing by now that Heath and I are in major closet rebuilding mode over here. We're both trying to get all of our basics so then seasonally we can just add a few fun things. You guys, I didn't even have black pants, that's how bare my closet had gotten. That's pretty bad. I had a boss come in town to travel with me (which was fun b/c I really enjoy my boss!) but it's terrible that I really didn't even have a single pair of black pants to wear that week! I really think I've found the perfect pair for me.

I'm obsessed with JCrew's Black Pixie, and I got the pair with the zipper detail.  (Bonus, they're on sale now!)  Reason's I love them: I can wear them with just about any shoe- flats, heels, sandals, boots, etc.,  That's huge to me.  I hate pants that require a heel or certain type of shoe.  They're stretchy so they are super comfy.  I usually rush out of my work clothes when I get home from work.  I find myself not minding staying in these all evening.  That's good news for J.D. to not find me already in my pajamas when he gets home from work.  I think they can be dressed up for work or even worn with a casual top for the weekend.  And I love the little zipper detail, but they are available without and the zippers are easy to hide with a longer top.  Anyone else have a good go to recommendation for basic pants??

~Mary Keller


  1. Where'd yall find that model? Smoking hot!

  2. MK you look fabulous!!! Love the pants...and the top too! I don't look good in skinny leg pants though!

    1. Hey Dinah!! I think you may be surprised by these? Do you like yoga pants or leggings? If so, they basically fit just as well. I actually think they're really slimming. Miss you!!