Around Here

Happy Monday!  This weekend was kinda crazy guys.  If last weekend was full of eating and drinking and relaxing, this weekend was quite the opposite.  Saturday we took advantage of the amazing weather in Charlotte and went to work in the yard.  We literally got out there at 9 in the morning and didn't quit until around 6:00 that evening.  Tough stuff.  (Remember when I said yard work is only fun on the first pretty day of the season.  Turn's out yard work is only fun the first two hours of the first pretty day of the season.)  We ordered a pizza for dinner and crawled in bed super early.  Sunday we definitely woke up pretty sore.  That makes me feel pretty lame.  Sunday I thought we had a day of relaxing ahead of us, but our sweet girl woke up with a high fever.  I spent the rest of the day cuddling her and doing odd projects while JD sat at the dining room table and worked all day.  Fun stuff huh? 

Heath and Andy had a little more fun.  Their weekend included a Common Market picnic lunch, burgers on the grill while watching the basketball tournament and finally (!!) finishing up their wedding album.  Cheers to a happy week ahead, and fingers crossed that Virginia feels better. :) 

~Mary Keller


  1. What wedding album did you end up going with to make it? I need to do this so badly!

    1. Dinah, I used Artifact Uprising. I haven't used them before so I'll let you know more once the book comes in but it looks like a great quality book and was pretty easy to create online. I went with them over Pinhole Press becuase I needed a larger book than Pinhole offered... I'll share pictures and thoughts once it comes in.

    2. Yeah! Can't wait to see it!