Backyard Dreaming

One of the things J.D. and I really wanted to get done around here this winter was plans for some work in our backyard.   When we did our kitchen renovation, we added French doors out to the backyard which I totally LOVE, but that of course drew more attention to our little backyard.  Our backyard is tiny, as in really tiny, almost didn't buy the house tiny.   Since living here, I've come to really love our tiny backyard.  Tiny yards are kinda the norm near us and yard work is really no fun other than on the first pretty spring day of the season.  So, instead of wishing of a bigger yard, we've decided to try to give our small yard more of a garden (a Charleston garden if I'm really dreaming) feel.  We met with someone this week and have plans in the works.  We have a super old "carriage house" that really is more like a dilapidated shed back there now.  Our plan is to shrink the size of this shed and add an outdoor fireplace and plants to give it more of that charming Charleston garden feel.  These images are our inspiration, and even though I know our end result won't be as beautiful, they still have me daydreaming...

~Mary Keller


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