Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone!  I'm so excited the weekend is here!  Before we get into weekend plans, here are a few things that caught our attention this week...

Charlotte folks, we recently discovered a new to us florist in town Nectar.  Their work is beautiful but what I'm really excited about is that they offer floral classes at a somewhat reasonable price point.  One of my resolutions was to take a floral class.  Anyone local want to join me?!

Okay, who wants to find a pot of money and go to Istanbul with me?!!  I've seen so many gorgeous pictures of this city and I'm obsessed.  I'm bookmarking Perpetually Chic's Istanbul City guide for the lucky day in my life that I make it there.  (Positive thinking!)

Anyone who may be trying to decorate or spruce up rooms in their home may want to check out the new website décorBase.  Their concept is really cool.  They've created an easy tool to help you create boards and design rooms visually, and then they offer quite a few resources to shop from as well.

Loving the sound of this new book The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits that we saw on Claire's Instagram feed.  Seems so old fashioned and I love that kind of stuff.

Okay, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!  Virginia's getting baptized on Saturday so it will be a special weekend.  Virginia's grandparents and great grandparents are coming in town.  (Although we're really sad because we may have a few people sick and unable to join us.)  We're having everyone for a lunch reception on Saturday and the Christening is Saturday evening.  We'll be sure to take lots of pictures of our sweet girl!  Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your weekend too!

~Mary Keller

Images: NectarPerpetually ChicdecorBase .  Amazon


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