Porch & Patio Ideas

J.D. and I pulled the trigger on some of the back yard plans we were planning.  We're reducing the size of our current garage/shed and adding an outdoor fireplace.  It already looks SO much bigger back there and we're super excited.  J.D. got a set of patio furniture off of Craigslist, but we need to order cushions, pillows and other fun stuff to give the space some life.  I've pulled together a lot of ideas on Pinterest, and I've narrowed it down to 3 directions.  I'd love your input and vote!

Option 1: Earthy Neutrals
I LOVE, LOVE Olivia Brock's Charleston garden pictured at the top.  It's absolutely stunning and who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon there?  For this look I'm picturing lots of natural materials, rattan furniture, jute pillows, and neutral and green cushions.  This look also kinda reminds me of Barefoot Contessa, it's earthy and elegant.  (The rest of our home isn't so earthy if that factors into your input.)

Option 2: Black Wicker
Option 2 goes for classic black wicker, neutral cushions and then I'd add just a few fun throw pillows for color.  I'm also imagining emerald green garden stools with this look for some reason.  I just think the rich green would look beautiful with the black.  I've had this image of Muffy Faith's front porch (pictured below), again in Charleston, saved forever.  It looks so effortless, chic and inviting. 

Option 3: Classic Stripe
This look is just so timeless to me.  J.D. said it reminds him of an old school country club.  For this look I'm thinking black frame patio furniture and a combination of stripe, gingham check and neutral cushions and pillows.  I'd also like to add a few hits of blue and white chinosierie with this look, either a garden stool or planters.

So what's your vote?  I'd love to hear!  If it makes a difference, our house is very classic, very small and is gray.  All of these looks would be easy to pull off from Pottery Barn, Ballard, Lowe's and Home Decorators for your own porch or patio too!  Also, I'll be sharing progress pics of the backyard soon!

~Mary Keller

Earthy Neutrals: Oliva Brock's Beautiful Patio via Southern Living . Pawley's Island Hammok . Pottery Barn Pillows . Serena & Lily Barcart

Black Wicker: Muffy Faith's Front Porch via Southern Living . Stunning front porch via Architectural Digest . Pottery Barn Pillow . Garden Stool

Classic Stripe: Outdoor patio via Domaine Home . House Beautiful Patio . Black & White Stripe Patio . Furbish Garden Stools . Ballard Pillows


  1. What does the furniture that JD purchased look like?

    1. Hey Missy! The set he got is just a simple metal (wrought iron maybe??) frame in black, but we want to freshen up the front porch at the same time so we'll need to add to what he got. We want the front porch and back patio to somewhat coordinate but they don't have to necessarily match. I'm thinking of maybe combining two of these looks?? I really would love to hear your input, especially since you know our house!!

    2. Though, I like each of those looks a lot, I would lean towards 2 and 3 for your front porch and back patio. Those will flow really well from the kitchen with the back doors open.

  2. Also, how does one edit a post? Sorry for my grammar mistakes above!

  3. I LOVE #2!!! I agree with Missy that 2 or 3 would be great! Please come do my porches when you're done. :o)

  4. I like them all, but I like #2 the best!