Mignonne Gavigan Collection

Yesterday while reading Look Linger Love I discovered Mignonne Gavigan's collection. If you've never seen her work before you are in for a treat! Each piece is handmade and meticulously crafted to create a unique piece. I seriously LOVE every single one of them!
 While most of her necklaces are out of my price range, she has a few bracelets and smaller necklaces that you may be able to splurge on. The best part about these pieces is that they make an outfit - from jeans and a white t-shirt to a basic black dress a necklace with this much oomph makes any outfit special.

Oh and I have to mention that this talented lady grew up in Charlotte, NC before moving to Paris and eventually New York to launch her career. Read more about the designer here and a great interview here.

Isn't everything gorgeous?

- Heath

top image via Look Linger Love; all other images via Mignonne Gavigan


  1. Hi Heath, you should also check out Roarke NYC. Very similar stuff to your blog entry. I agree, gorgeous!

    1. Hi Katherine! I think Roarke NYC was the original line Mignonne sold her necklaces through before going out on her own. I wasn't aware they were still selling her stuff but yes they are just too pretty not to go on my wish list!