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book club shrimp and lemon pasta dinner | fig, arugula and goat cheese Friday night pizza | Virginia loving fresh summer watermelon | perfect Saturday night cookout dinner | childhood friends reunited with our sweet babies | enjoying wine by the fire once those sweet babies finally went to bed | Virginia snacking on pancakes in her pjs | best ever coconut and raspberry walnut pancakes

Happy Monday guys, hope you enjoyed your weekend...

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but a good one!  Five of my childhood friends met for a cookout dinner/spend the night party on Saturday night and loved seeing all of our babies run/crawl around and enjoy each other.  I was the only one that didn't spend the night (I live only a half hour away) and I'm pretty sure between those 5 babies little to no sleep was had, but that's okay because it was a lot of fun.  Sunday morning we treated ourselves to the best ever coconut and walnut raspberry pancakes.  Seriously, they are the best ever, go get them and ask for extra coconut!

Have a good week guys! 
~Mary Keller


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