Perfect Parties | Bastille Day

So Tara Guerard's Bastille Day Party that was just featured in Lonny definitely goes on the list of parties of my dreams.  Perfect Charleston garden location, adorable little baguettes at every place settings, celebratory sparklers at send off, and delicious looking cocktails.  Seriously, if you didn't see it, it was absolutely stunning.

Local friends, don't be surprised if you see me try to recreate some knock off (low budget) version of this Bastille Day party because I love everything about it!  (Actually, you and me both would be surprised if I found the time and energy to pull this off.)  J.D. thinks it's absolutely crazy that I'd ever want to throw a Bastille Day party.  "We aren't French, makes no sense, we celebrate 4th of July", he tells me.  And he's right, but those menus written in cursive French tied around individual little baguettes are pretty darn charming.

~Mary Keller


  1. Agreed! I remember when Tara (talking like I know her here) was just getting started, and I thought she was the most amazing thing EVER. She made me want to be an event planner. Some things never change. :o)

    Did the blog get a reorg? I like it!!!


    1. Yes, Tara can do no wrong! I remember when I was planning my wedding years ago studying her first event planning book religiously trying to figure out how I could create a similar look on 1/100th of the budget! And yes, we did do a little blog sprucing up over the weekend! Heath surprised me with her coding skills! :)

  2. I noticed too...and me likey! Heath, can you help me with my work blogs?! ;)