Happy Friday

Happy summer Friday everyone!  So excited the weekend is just about finally here!  We had book club at Heath's last night so I'm dragging a little bit today and I'm ready for the weekend to officially begin.  Tonight, per usual Friday night tradition, J.D.'s going to make homemade pizza (think we're going to try fig, goat cheese and arugula for toppings) and we're just going to sip wine and relax.  Heath may stop by for a little Virginia squeeze because it's been too long.

Tomorrow, we're going to visit my bff from growing up.  Our high school gang is all getting together for a pool party/burgers on the grill/slumber party and it should be so much fun.  5 of us friends are going to make it and we'll have 7 babies total plus another baby on the way!  Should be super fun, you know, in a totally exhausting kind of way. :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
~Mary Keller

p.s. Heath's pics from Boston have me really wanting to go.  I can't believe I've never been!

Slim Aarons photo via Bougeotte


  1. So sad I can't be there this weekend - Y'all have a blast!!! xoxo

  2. We will miss you!!!! xoxo, next time!! xo