Birthday Bag

So if you guys couldn't already tell from this and this post I'm obsessed with Clare Vivier. I think I've told Andy and MK multiple times that I think she can do no wrong. I would wear every single piece she creates!

I've been on the hunt for a new handbag for a really long time now, (note the date I published this post) but I finally found a winner while in Chicago a few weeks ago. It takes me a really really long time to make decisions like this because I'm stingy and don't spend my money on things very easily but every few years (I realize that sounds absurd to some people) I save my dollars and buy one bag. I'm not really into handbags from a quantity perspective - I'm all about quality!

I originally set out to find a cognac/tan leather bag but when I saw this cream bag at Steven Alan in Chicago I pretty much knew I wasn't leaving without it and bonus they were having a sale (Andy found that part particularly funny)!!

In case you're interested it's the Clare Vivier Petit Duffle and it fits my favorite tan clutch, my sunglasses and all my necessities perfectly. I'm in love!

- Heath