Forever Pieces | The Classic Cuff

I've mentioned too many times that I have a jewelry uniform.  I think one of the reasons I just stick to the same ole thing over and over again when it comes to jewelry is because I think costume jewelry is SO expensive.  I love all of the beautiful stuff I see out there, but it just kills me to pay for a trendy costume piece that costs as much as a cute new top.  But, I do think that jewelry can make an outfit.  Often, I won't be in love with something and as soon as Heath accessorizes it, it's a completely different look.  Or, one time I stayed at my grandparent's house before driving to a bridesmaids' luncheon in Atlanta.  As I was dressed and ready, my grandmother said, "do you not have a necklace or anything to add to that," she went to her jewelry box and brought out three for me to try.  I left with one of them and thought, when your grandmother is accessorizing your outfits, this is clearly an area of yours that needs improvement!!

So, we're starting a series of jewelry pieces that you'll keep forever - forever pieces.  Pieces that may be more "in style" some years than others, pieces that may be a splurgy, but timeless pieces that you'll be wearing for the rest of your life, including when you're a grandmother. :)

First up, the classic cuff.  I love a good classic cuff, they make a statement and speak for themselves.  Really little to no other jewelry is needed when you wear a beautiful statement cuff.  They're enough on their own and they'll never be out of style.

What do you think?  In my dreams I could afford one of the beauties at the top, but more realistically I am thinking one of the more modern (and affordable!) edgy options may be better.  I really love both pieces from Julie Vos, too.

~Mary Keller

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