Happy Friday | Resolutions Update

Happy Friday guys! We're heading to the beach this weekend so it's going to be a good one. I'm taking V swimming this time too so I can't wait! Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? MK's post last week got me thinking about what exactly I have and haven't accomplished this year so I thought there's no time like the present to take a look at my resolutions...

We have a trip to Istanbul booked for Labor Day with a stop over in Munich on the way home, two cities neither Andy or I have ever been so we're super excited! | I'm failing miserably at printing photos (not one photo printed) but will make this happen ASAP | We've stayed on top of our monthly budget but honestly it's been more of an after thought while doing other things so I'm going to try to make a point to focus a little more on just finances next month instead of laundry etc too | We haven't taken or planned any weekend getaways and probably won't because we've both been lucky enough to travel a good bit this year together and separately so we'll push this to next year | I am learning to play tennis you guys and I love it! Any Charlotte folks who want to hit balls let me know | My wardrobe could definitely still use some basics but I think it's slowly getting better so I'm less worried about it right now | MK and I are back in the habit of our morning runs and are running the Thunder Road Half Marathon this fall | I am very conscious of what I'm eating now and have been trying to keep my weekday meals clean and healthy, lunches are the biggest challenge for me but I think I'm doing pretty well (stay tuned for more ideas) | I really want to get better about cooking the last half of the year. I did OK early on but I've let myself drop off lately so glad I'm I checked in on myself today!

I really can't complain about 2014 thus far. First half of the year was great but I'm happy I checked in on myself, I really am going to print photos this week! How are you guys doing on your 2014 goals?

- Heath 

image via Perpetually Chic


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