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Friday night pizza - Crispy Kale | Heath playing bartender | the food spread + my friend's beautiful dining room | Virginia with her grandfather at the zoo | Heath, friends Meredith & Mary Lindsay, & MK at the engagement party | more food & flowers | desserts, desserts, desserts | Sunday morning cappuccino
Happy Monday guys!  How is it Monday already?  This weekend was a good one but it flew by!  Friday we hung out around the house and had a nice early evening at home.  Saturday morning I met my parents to drop off Virginia for the weekend, went for a run and then spent the day cooking.  We had so much fun at our friends' engagement party.  The weather was perfect, everyone was happy and it just generally was a really good evening.  (J.D. and the boys started cleaning up the party around 12:30 and the party was still going, always a sign of a really good night!)  We didn't take as many pictures as we would have liked, but really that's another good sign of having a good time.  Now we can't wait for their wedding!!

Sunday, J.D., and I snuck in a brunch at Little Spoon before heading to pick up Virginia.  It was good - very hip and a little foodie, maybe a little too hip for us. :)  I think Virginia was a little bummed to have to come home with us.  My parents took her to the zoo (twice!) and to their friends' house to play with two dogs, pretty much Virginia's all time favorite thing to do!

Hope everyone has a good week!

~Mary Keller


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