Happy Friday

Happy Friday guys!  What's everyone up to this weekend?  Heath and I (along with a handful of other friends) are hosting an engagement party for a couple we love, and it really should be a lot of fun.  We have a big crowd coming so we'll be spending Saturday day cooking, and Saturday night socializing with friends!  Virginia's having a spend the night party with her grandparents and she gets to take her first trip to the zoo.  I'm sure J.D. and I won't be missed. :)

A few things before we get the weekend started:

ONE:  Remember when we mentioned how much we love the brand Matine?  She's just launched her fall 2014 collection and it's perfect.  There's a lot to love, but seriously, this beautiful leather weekender for $250 would last you a lifetime.  Is it too early for Christmas lists? :)

TWO:  Stumbled upon These Tings and I'm loving all of their beautiful photography.  They make simple celebrations look perfect.  I'd like to enjoy an afternoon picnic with pizza, wine and blanket soon.

THREE:  I love this charity The Birthday Party Project that Joslyn of Simple Lovely shared.  I just picked up a few things for Virginia's birthday (it's coming so soon!) and we aren't doing much, but really all kids deserve a little love and attention on their birthday.

FOUR:  Take a look at this Fashion Math that the Coveteur shared.  I try to use a similar rationale sometimes when shopping, but it doesn't always work.  For example, I don't know why I never buy myself nice jeans (when I wear them over and over again) but for some reason think it's okay to spend money on a dress for a wedding I'll probably never wear again. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

~Mary Keller

PS I shared some photos of Virginia's nursery over at Lemon Grove Blog earlier this week if you missed them when I first shared them here.


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