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We're kicking off a new series today that we're so excited for!  We're going to take a peek into some of our favorite artists' homes.  We love artists' studio tours, but Heath and I thought it would be really cool to take a look at their homes.  Artists are always really creative and think a little differently.  We're kicking things off with the amazing home of artist Laura Naples, one half of NG Collective Studio.  Next week we'll share her sister Kristen Giorgi's (the second half of NG Collective) home.  Seriously guys, they are pretty amazing!  Their homes blew us away and there is so much take away inspiration here.  See below for their thoughts on decorating, and more of Laura's lovely home.  (also, sorry for photo overload!  too much goodness not to share!)

Thoughts on home décor:

"Kristen and I both believe that having art in a home is essential. What art is, and what it means to people, is personal and subjective, but ultimately it provides soul and depth to our homes.

We both have worked with clients on interior design projects and recognize that sometimes people are reluctant to pull the trigger on purchasing art for their spaces, fearful that they're making the "wrong choice" for the space, or feel the weight of art as an investment. We started a Pinterest board of our favorite examples of Art in Surroundings that marry amazing art with interior design, but ultimately we think what's most important is that people feel a connection to the art they choose for their homes. In the same way that you "click" with a new friend or even a future spouse, you should feel a spark with your art. And just like with relationships, sometimes that spark is immediate, and other times it starts off dim and grows over time!

With that said, the way art is displayed is important to maximize its presence within a space. Making the most of scale, in the way art framed or grouped with other pieces, is essential. That doesn't mean a giant canvas is inherently more impactful than a small, framed work - actually, just the opposite can be true. Minimalism and maximalism both have their place and a quiet whisper can sometimes carry more weight than a shout, it just needs to be well-employed in its surroundings.

Kristen and I approach decorating our homes in similar ways, though the spaces themselves are quite different architecturally. We both choose pieces (often the same things!) that feel special or make us happy to look at or live with them. We don't follow trends exactly, preferring a more personal collection, but definitely take inspiration from ideas we find in our favorite designers' portfolios."

Thank you so much Laura for sharing your home, and we can't wait to show off Kristen's next week too!  Love your thoughts on incorporating personal art into a home, and just generally doing what you love instead of following trends.  To find more of Laura's work, you can find their website here.
~Mary Keller

Top family room image, vertical dining room image, and vertical child's room image by Brittany Ambridge for Domino.  All other images by Laura Naples. 


  1. LOVE her space!! So gorgeous!

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    1. Isn't is gorgeous Kat! Check out her sister's home we posted this week as well. Thanks for stopping by!