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We're kind of obsessed with "stack rings" or combinations of different rings around here, and  we're really excited that they seem to be getting popular.  We reached out to a handful of our favorite jewelry designers to ask, "What's The Perfect Stack?"  Today we're thrilled to show off selections from Jane Pope of Jane Pope Jewelry.  See below for some of Jane's favorite ring stacks, as well as her thoughts on what makes the perfect combination!

We asked Jane what's "the perfect stack" to you?
Jane:  I don’t have rules about DO’s and DON’Ts.  I love playing with different combinations to see what works on any given day.  Different lines of rings work better together than others, but the perfect stack to me, is not always perfect.  The more unusual, the better.  As I said before… I tend to do a lot of mixing. Old and New.  Bold and Simple.  Gold and Silver.  Thin and Heavy.
We could not agree more with Jane's feelings above.  The combination of different textures, colors and materials are what keep it interesting and fun!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jane!  Hoping one day to add a custom Jane Pope piece to a stack of mine.

- Heath 

all images from Jane Pope 


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