House Envy | California Solarium

Guys this has to be the coolest house that I came across on Domaine.  It's completely out of my norm and different from what I'd typically love in a home, but I'm loving this Spanish style house in California.  The house belongs to Andrea Stanford, VP of Merchandising for designer and vintage sales for One Kings Lane, so you know it's go to be full of really interesting, unique pieces.  The house is centered around a huge solarium (so cool!!) and it is "colorful and casual" and family friendly.  See more below and find the feature on One Kings Lane here.

I've always loved color and pattern, but this house and our trip to Istanbul are making me want to add even more patterns and layers to our home.  What do you think?  Do you think this whole Moroccan vibe that we're seeing everywhere is just a trend?? or do you love it?!  I showed this house to J.D., and he asked me if I thought solariums were expensive.  Yes, probably so, but I like the way he thinks!  Wish we could find our own cool solarium here in Charlotte. :)

~Mary Keller

All photos by Nicole LaMotte for One Kings Lane


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