Around Here

birthday girl loving her cake | sweet presents | orange and pink balloons for the one year old | MK and her girl | sliders on the grill | eating the strawberries off the cake | little ham playin' peek a boo with her grandparents

Happy Monday guys.  We had the best weekend!  Sweet Virginia turned one year old on Saturday and was such a little party animal.  She loved seeing both sets of grandparents and her great grandparents and put on the perfect little show, including peek a boo!  She wasn't sure about her strawberry cake, at first just eating the strawberries, but after her nap she went back for seconds and really got into as you can see above!  This little lady is growing so fast she's definitely more toddler than baby these days and it's really so much fun.

Our poor Vols weren't able to pull out a win (again) on Saturday but at least the Panthers won yesterday.   Sunday morning we met some friends for breakfast and got to see their sweet 8 week old baby.   She is so so tiny and so so adorable!  Overall it was a wonderful fall weekend.  Hope you guys had a nice weekend!

- Heath