Entertaining Tricks No5 & No6

These entertaining "tricks" we're sharing may be obvious and they could probably go without being said, but they've stuck with me since I first heard them and I pretty much live by them when expecting guests.

No5 - Clean your house just well enough.  Your home doesn't need to be perfectly clean when you entertain.  I actually broke this rule last weekend before we had Virginia's birthday party.  We had a maid come in two days before, and after her party I was reminded why this little tip makes sense.  When you have company over, your home gets even more dirty.  It's after all of that company is there that your house really needs to be cleaned.  Before guests arrive I usually just make sure the house is tidy and neat, major surfaces are wiped down (kitchen generally wiped down) and then I do make a point to have a clean bathroom.  That's one room that does need to sparkle a bit for company.  Other than that, I vote save your self the stress and scratch clean house off your to do list before you entertain.  I promise your friends won't notice much more than the bath.

No6 - Have an empty dishwasher and empty trashcans.  An empty dishwasher makes cleaning up so much easier.  I always try run the dishes the night before friends come over, even if it's just a few friends.  It's seriously so much easier to just stuff everything from a party into an empty dishwasher to make the clean up go away.  Same for the trash.  I broke this rule at Virginia's party too and my dad was nice enough to take out the trash mid party.  No fun to have full trash bags walking through your house mid party if you can avoid it. :)

Any other obvious tricks you live by just to make things a bit easier??  We'd love to hear.

~Mary Keller

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