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Happy Monday guys!  It was a good weekend around here, and I hope your weekend was good too.  It flew by, per usual, but it really was a good weekend.  Our original Friday night plans got cancelled last minute.  (We were so looking forward to Dinner Lab, but the city pulled their permit at the last minute because of an archaic code apparently.  November promises to be an amazing Dinner Lab to make up!)  We were super bummed, but it's not often we have a baby sitter so we decided we still needed to take advantage.  Instead we walked down to the new neighborhood spot, the Summit Room, and LOVED it.  Great crowd, good food, really delicious drinks, just a fun night.  Our favorite part, they have a chalk board where you can buy your friend a drink and leave a note for your friend that you've purchased a drink for them.  Very fun.

Saturday was all about football and Andy's delicious wings.  Friends stopped by and it was just a nice casual day.  Sunday we worked in the church nursery, and afterward headed to the pumpkin patch and went plant shopping to make our house look a little more "fall."  Lots of pumpkins of seasonal plants later, we're looking pretty festive around here.  J.D. cooked a pot of spaghetti and meatballs and they simmered on the stove all Sunday afternoon - pretty heavenly!  All in all, pretty perfect.  Have a good week guys.  Mine is going to be a busy one, plus we have some really fun stuff lined up for the blog this week!

~Mary Keller

p.s. Happy Columbus Day!  Short week for Heath and the rest of the bank world.  #jealous


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