Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys!  What is everyone doing this weekend?  We're going to our first Dinner Lab event tonight in Charlotte.  I'm seriously so excited, like a kid at Christmas! I think Saturday morning Andy and I may grab a bagel(best in town!) before we knock out a few errands and hopefully pick up some pumpkins. Afterwards I'm sure there will be lots of football in our future, fingers crossed for a better weekend for the Vols!

A few findings before we get the weekend started...

ONE: Did you guys know the benefits of a simple glass of water with lemon?  I had no clue until reading this.  I used to be in a pretty good routine of a shot of apple cider vinegar(similar benefits) every morning and this reminded me how beneficial it can be, but even easier!

TWO: Unless you've been living under a rock the past week or so I'm sure you've already read Brittany's story. If you haven't, do it now, it's heart breaking! And regardless of your stance on her choice to "die with dignity" her strength is amazing and it's worth a read to remind us to squeeze our loved ones if nothing else.

THREE: I'm getting my haircut for the first time in almost a year(yes I know that's absurd!) so I've been on the lookout lately for something simple but fresh that will work with my easy (read lazy) morning routine.  I think this length and cut would work. What do you guys think?

FOUR: A friend of mine is in the process of planning a wedding and recently asked if it's possible without breaking the bank.  My advice to her - prioritize what is important to you and know that is where you'll spend your money, you simply cannot splurge on everything.  And last but not least do NOT let the one million wedding blogs/magazines(this being my favorite) overwhelm you.  Use them as inspiration but not as a standard. Any good advice or resources for someone planning a wedding?

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

- Heath

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  1. Can't believe its been 1 year since you've gotten your hair cut! I think that picture would look super cute on you Heathie!