Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Man the weeks are flying by these days aren’t they?! I did a quick count yesterday and realized Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away, crazy! We don’t have much on our agenda this weekend other than testing some new recipes which actually is a version of Andy and my perfect weekend so I’m pretty excited. I’m sure we’ll mix in a long run and a lot of kisses from Virginia but otherwise keep it pretty low key. What are you guys up to this weekend?

A few findings before we start the weekend… 

ONE: I’ve talked about Sezane before but today I have great news! They collaborated with Madewell to create a capsule collection sold stateside at Madewell right now. I have a feeling things are going to go fast so if you have your eye on anything(maybe these booties like me?!) I probably wouldn’t hesitate.

TWO: I loved this quick read on stocking a fall bar. To me cocktails seem tricky this time of year because fall flavors go beyond a little citrus and fresh fruit like summer but this list has be inspired to make a few new cocktails and bring a few new bottles into our growing bar. Hello apply brandy and toasted pecan bitters!

THREE: When MK posted this recently, it got me thinking about our Thanksgiving table. I’m usually more into the menu but we keep it pretty traditional there so isn’t much to even think about so I switched gears. I love the look of this earthy dinner party I found on Lonny. We do a Thanksgiving lunch so you wouldn’t get the same vibe, but I think we could use a similar concept with lots of greenery for a simple Thanksgiving lunch and then maybe add candles that evening for our turkey soup tradition!

FOUR: I know I always talk about my love for Clare V but today it’s not even really handbag related. One Kings Lane has Clare Vivier studio tour up right now and I I’m loving getting a glimpse into her workspace. It’s so cool to me to get a sneak peek into such a creative workplace. My day to day work is a little more bland(that’s a nice way of saying cube filled) so it’s hard for me to picture this pretty place being someone’s actual place of work, how cool!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

- Heath


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