Virginia's First Birthday

We've mentioned that we just celebrated Virginia's birthday this past Saturday.  We shared a few pictures here, but I'd love to share a few more below if you're interested.  I love going back and seeing these personal memories.  I knew I didn't want to do much for Virginia's birthday.  I wanted the day to be simple, filled with love and family.  My parents, my grandparents, J.D.'s parents, and Heath and Andy came over for a simple celebration.  More pictures from Virginia's day below....

We kept our menu simple.  J.D. made lots (tons!) of small burger sliders on the grill, and we had all of our favorite toppings.  My parents picked up Zoe's potato salad and cole slaw, plus a few bags of chips, and everyone seemed happy.  For dessert, Heath and I made Virginia a strawberry cake.  Virginia would live on strawberries in her dream world.  I cooked the cakes, and Heath was nice enough to ice them for me the night before.  Of course when it came time to smash the cake, Virginia had little interest.  (We gave it another shot later in the afternoon after her nap with a more success!)

For decorations, I picked up tons of balloons.  Easy, that's it, no fancy crafts or pinterest ideas.  (I think there is something missing in my mama brain because party decorations are of little interest to me sadly!) 

It was just a really perfect day.  Perfect weather, our family here, easy food, football on TV, yummy birthday cake, and a really happy birthday girl.  Virginia turning one has left me thinking all week.  I absolutely love the happy growing girl that she is right now (she's so much fun!) but I can't help but look at her and wonder where my tiny baby has gone.  I love this sweet girl to pieces.  She just means the world to J.D. and me.  Happy Birthday my Virginia!  We love you sweet girl!  (happy tears as I'm writing this :)

~Mary Keller


  1. It looks like y'all had the perfect day! It is so bittersweet when they get older...I cried when Wade turned 1 and 2! They grow too fast, but every stage is my favorite! Y'all are such a sweet lil family!

  2. I am very impressed by that cake - looks like you ladies could be professionals!! Love that last pic of sweet Virginia! She looks just beautiful and so happy!

  3. That last picture of Virginia made my day!