the PERFECT STACK | Christina Jervey

Today we have another addition of The Perfect Stack with Christina Jervey. We've featured her work on the blog multiple times so I'm sure you already know we're big fans! Today she shared a few thoughts on stacking in general and a few of her favorites, take a look...

We asked Christina what's "the perfect stack" to you?

Christina: In general stacking is all about finding a balance, and mixing and matching.  You want the rings to complement one another and not compete.  Often times, it's the negative space that is created that adds the most interest.  I like to mix metals, textures, and add pops of color when stacking rings.

I love her comment on negative space, I've never really thought of that but it's so true! The perfect stack (of any jewels) definitely requires perfect spacing. A lightbulb went off in my head when she explained that. Also I have an antique ruby ring from my mom's mother I love wearing it and thinking of her but it's not really a setting I love.  I'm thinking the stones may be just the size to set in an organic gold band similar to those above. It would just be so pretty with the tiny gold band I wear on my right hand daily!

Thanks for sharing with us Christina.

- Heath

all images from Christina Jervey 


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