Outfit vs Style

One of the items that was (oddly) on my list to do to get ready for the holidays was picking out outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This item was mainly on there for Virginia because I'll realize at the last minute that she's outgrown something or has a hole in her tights and it will send me on 4 annoying errands at the last minute.  But, this was also on there for me.  I'm an outfit girl.  I'm really not the best at mixing and matching things even though I'm trying to change that.  I find myself wearing a skirt with the same top every time I wear that skirt.  Do you guys do that?  I'll see Heath wear a top with a different combination every time she wears it and I'm working on being more like that to get more out of my closet.

Some people have great style and some people (like me!) see an outfit they like and try to recreate it.  I saw a version of the above in an Anthropolgie ad and decided that was my perfect Thanksgiving outfit - cream cords, a camel or grey sweater and a soft brushed scarf.   Seems relaxed, but still put together enough when I look back at holiday pictures with Virginia. 

I think the other reason I'm an outfit girl is it helps me feel more put together even when I feel like I haven't been shopping in a while or when my closet has major holes in it.  If I have a cute enough outfit when I go to a friend's wedding/presentation for work/Thanksgiving lunch/any event where I will see more people than just J.D. and Virginia I will feel like my closet isn't lacking.  Is that totally lame?  I feel like I get compliments on an outfit (which is great) but I wear that same outfit to death.  It usually doesn't matter (or bother me) because it will be a different crowd most times.  Others just buy things that are their style and mix and match so well.  I'm working incorporating more of that in my closet.  Any tips!?

What do you think?  Do you buy things that are just generally your style, or put together specific outfits?  What are you wearing for Thanksgiving?  Do you guys get dressed up, or are you really casual?  We're not super dressy at our house.

~Mary Keller

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