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Our Christmas Tree | Virginia meets Santa!! | family pic on Christmas Eve | Virginia and her new xylophone | a big book on Dogs!! (her favorite) | Christmas tree lit up at night | stuffed stockings | me and my girl | Virginia in her Christmas Eve dress | stockings ready for us to dig into | more Christmas goodies | Virginia giving all of her doggies a ride

Happy Monday guys!  Hope everyone had an amazing holiday break!  In some ways it felt nice and long and relaxing, and on the other hand, it flew by and I'm super sad that it's over - not quite ready to get back into the daily grind.  (I'm speaking just for myself here.  Heath sadly has been working her little tushy off non-stop and we'll be glad when her work deadline is over this week!!) 

We had a really wonderful Christmas.  Lots of time with family, and lots of time spent with Virginia.  J.D., Virginia and I spent Christmas in Nashville and other than a cancelled flight home (typical holiday travel!) it was a perfect little visit.  We had a yummy lunch in downtown Franklin, stopped for delicious ice cream, and ate and ate and ate our way through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  J.D. fixed us Christmas Eve Manhattans and Christmas Day White Whale Tiny Tims, and both we're delicious.  I think taking one extra minute to mix a proper cocktail like these needs to be included on my resolution list.  :)

Once we got back to Charlotte, we really just relaxed.  I did lots of cooking, my favorite when I have plenty of time, and this weekend we've been doing the usual post-holiday purging (more on that later), thinking about a few resolutions/future plans (more on that later too) and just generally getting ready to get back to work and back to our norm.  I know it will feel good to get back on schedule, but right now I'm not quite convinced that I want the holidays to end! :)

~Mary Keller


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