Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys!!  So excited the weekend is here!  Heath and Andy have headed to Snowshoe for a little mini ski vacation - I think they're trying to brush up on their ski skills so they can crush me and J.D. when we go on our family trip in a few weeks!  (ha, they'll laugh when they read that.  They require no practice to whip us on the slopes!)  J.D. and I got our weekend started off early last night with our first date night of the year.  I think this is going to be my favorite resolution I've ever made!  Other than plans to take Virginia to Discovery Place and making a yummy pasta dinner, we have no plans this weekend and I'm looking forward to relaxing. 

A few things that caught my attention this week.

Enjoyed this (very funny) Definitive Guide to Eating Healthy, so fitting this time of year as we all resolve to eat healthier!  But on a more serious note, I'm loving  Jenny's plan to eat a salad every day.  I almost made a-salad-a-day my new years resolution, but didn't want to totally set myself up for failure! 

Town & Country names 13 of the Most Preppy Couples of All Time.  I feel like Will and Kate have made being preppy super popular, don't you think?  We've followed Sarah Vickers instagram for a while and she and her fiancé are most definitely super preppy!  Their life looks like a perfect magazine shoot!

Can I pretty-please live here!  Love the books, the neutral colors, the art, everything....

Enjoyed this interview on how Clare V gets stuff done - love this entire series actually.  But one thing in particular really jumped out at me.  I loved Clare's business (and personal) advise that she learned from a mentor to be very proactive and deal with an issue immediately when something may arise, address things as soon as they arise and fix as soon as possible.  Sounds dorky but I've really been focusing on doing that this week personally and professionally. 

Have a good weekend guys!!  I'm so glad it's here. :)
~Mary Keller


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