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Virginia at the jellyfish tank | Snowshoe Village | Andy and me on the slopes | Virginia playing at Discovery Place | Huevos rancheros breakfast | my favorite skier | Manhattans | Virginia feeding her doggies 

Good morning and happy Monday guys! Andy and I are driving home from Snowshoe today and are very sad to be leaving the little winter wonderland we've been living in. We had a great weekend of skiing. A perfect blue sky on Saturday and light snow with empty slopes on Sunday, my favorite! 

MK and JD took Virginia to Discovery place on Saturday, I know she loved it! Sounds like they had great weekend, made a yummy breakfast of huevos rancheros and cappuccinos while Virginia feed her little doggies breakfast too. 
We saw a few kids not much bigger than V this weekend on skis, it was the cutest! We're looking forward to seeing her in the snow in a few weeks. We'll give her another year before we throw some skis on her but man I can't wait!

Hope everyone has a good week!

- Heath


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