January's Project | Total Purge

Instead of one long list of tons of resolutions this year, I've decided to focus on just a few things over the year but also give myself little monthly projects along the way.  I think if I give myself little monthly goals, I'll actually get them done.  No surprise - January's Project is the most boring and cliché, but it has to be done!  We're working on a Major House Purge this January.  Seriously, we've spent the last two weekends cleaning out every last drawer/closet/attic spot you name it.  And it's all getting purged.  Closets now have lots of room, drawers have space, shelves are empty and it's the BEST feeling. 

I'm ruthlessly purging stuff, seriously I have to LOVE it for it to stay.  I'm only keeping stuff that bring me joy and that I find beautiful.  I read a comment that someone made the other day that stuck with me regarding getting rid of unused things.  It was something like, "the love is in the giving and receiving, not in the keeping."  I love that.  It's okay for you decide after a year or two to toss or donate a gift you're no longer enjoying. 

Another thing that has come out of this purge is the major desire to start implementing quality over quantity, mainly in my house.  (In my closet, that's another story.  I'm not someone with tons of clothes.)  It's made me reexamine all of the things I think I need every month, stuff on blogs that catches my attention. 

So, I'm excited for a fun project every month, and ready to cross this boring one off the list.  Has everyone else been on a major purging and organizing kick this month too?
~Mary Keller

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