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Beef Tenderloin for Friday night Steak Club Dinner | Steak Club in action | Headed to the neighbors for tacos Saturday night | Virginia's sweet dresses from a visit to her great-grandparents | Perfect weather for a Sunday at the park | Virginia and her Aunt Heath | Virginia - so tired!!! | Sunday blue cheese burgers
Happy Monday!  It was such a good weekend guys!!  The weather was perfect, plus we had lots of fun plans.  As much as I love spending a Friday night in watching Dateline, I always end up having the best weekends when we have fun Friday night plans.  Our friend made the most delicious beef tenderloin for Steak Club Friday night.  Beef tenderloin, orzo, a fig & arugula salad, cookies & ice cream, plus more wine than any of us needed!  I think it's fair to say we all really enjoyed ourselves!!  (Beef tenderloin seems like a smart way to feed 12 of us steak in the middle of winter on a chilly night, right?!)  It was really so much fun seeing everyone, and the evening was so nice!
Saturday J.D., Virginia and I headed to our friends house down the street for tacos.  The crowd included a few kids all within a few months of Virginia's age which always makes things fun.  J.D. also went skeet shooting with friends and Virginia and I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to see my grandparents.  She had SO much fun with them, and they spoiled her of course!  A really good weekend all together, and I hate to see it and this pretty weather go!
Have a good week guys!
~Mary Keller


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