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I was serious when I said that I'm giving myself little monthly projects this year instead of one long list of yearly resolutions.  January's project has just about been checked off - the house has been fully purged, and except for a few miscellaneous things that are still lingering on our dining room table, everything else has made it to the donation drop off. 

Next up is February's project, and February's a short month so it's kind of tricky!  This month I'm resolving to get my act together organizing photos.  Sadly, I got a head start on it this weekend - Virginia dropped my cell phone and it completely died.  I lost all contacts and phone numbers (friends please call/text me!  I need your numbers!) but the WORST part is that I lost all of my adorable candid pictures of Virginia from the past 16 months.  Fortunately, I have a few that I've put on the blog, pictures from J.D.'s phone and a few professional pictures that we've had taken, but the 1000+ that were on my cell phone are gone.  So, I've gotten a head start on getting photos "organized" since so many of them were whipped away, but I also know now that I defenitly have to get a system in place for organizing them in the future.  (There's no excuse that I had that many that were not backed up!)

I'm looking for ideas here, and Heath and I have a few ideas we're pulling together around this subject too.  I'm looking for a solution for storing digital photos from the camera and cell phone without taking up too much time.  A few related articles I'll be reading along the way...

5 Step Plan to Finally Organize Your Photos by Modern Parents Messy Kids

While we're organizing our photos, Heath and I will also be putting together a few round ups to share on favorite photo book sources and favorite frame sources, because that's part of my plan too!  I'm getting caught up on empty frames sitting around the house and overdue photo books from forever ago vacations while we're at it!  Please share if you have ideas or a system in place that you love!

~Mary Keller

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