Valentine's Date Night

Valentine’s snuck up on me this year - I was just telling Andy I haven’t fully wrapped my head about 2015 and all the sudden it’s mid February. Luckily we keep our Valentine’s dates super simple; we always cook at home and don’t exchange gifts. It got me thinking though how everyone has a different Valentine’s date style.

While Andy and I aren’t really restaurant people, although there’s not much better than a good meal at a cozy restaurant with great service so I completely get the appeal. I’m betting this is the more popular option for Valentines too it seems to be a “restaurant” type holiday.  

I’m sure you can tell by now cooking is our thing. We choose cooking at home for almost any occasion rather than going out. This year we’re making Dinner a Love Story’s short ribs and making a yummy brunch too. I can’t wait! 

I feel like I had friends in college who use to get real down about this holiday, but I hope that’s not the case anymore. It truly is a hallmark holiday that can be celebrated with anyone you love, including friends! I had the best intentions of having the few ladies i work with over for munchies and wine this week as a little V-day celebration and while it’s not happening I think it would be my plan if Andy weren’t in my life. There’s nothing better than a good girl’s night!

My parents and some neighborhood friends have always had a big valentine’s dinner party and I LOVE the concept! They assign each man a different task; wine, candy, flowers, steaks and lobster (their go to surf and turf menu), to keep things simple but cover all the bases. Isn’t that cute?! So much easier for my dad to tackle one thing than conquer all of the above and knowing my dad, he gets the steaks too - the easiest task hah.

I’m betting these are the standards but I’d love to hear what you guys are doing! Do you have a standard or switch it up each year?

- Heath 

images one, flowers and clutch; image two, card and slippers; image three, earrings, lipstick and champagne; image four, wine and chocolate


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