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Friday night dinner | St. Patty's day fun in Columbia | MK and high school friends | our own Turkish Ocakbasi | homemade poufy bread and cacik | Virginia on a bike ride | Sunday morning coconut pancakes | beers, guacamole and sunshine

Good morning and happy Monday guys. This weekend was a good one! Friday night we used some of the spices we brought home from Turkey last fall and made an array of grilled meats, vegetables, cacik (Turkish tzatziki) and poufy bread(that's a technical term!). We weren't sure how it would turn out but it smelled and tasted so similar it was awesome! 

MK went to see some high school friends in Columbia on Saturday and celebrated St. Pat's in Five Points. So fun to catch up with old friends! On Sunday the weather was too nice not to get outside so we walked up to one of our favorite spots and had a beer and guacamole, so good!

Hope everyone has a good week!

- Heath 


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