Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys!  So excited the weekend is here.  Whew, this week has been a tiring one!  Today I'm cutting out a little early to go to Virginia's school Easter egg hunt!  I'm so excited!  I had a very "wow, I am a mom moment" as I stuffed Easter eggs for her class this week.  She's going to have so much fun running around with everyone.  Afterwards, if I'm super lucky, I may try to talk J.D. into taking us out for pizza.  :)

Before we head into the weekend, a few things (on Instagram) that caught our attention this week.  Funny enough Heath & I pretty much book marked the exact same things....

ONE | I wear flats all the time, but I'm thinking I need to switch things up this spring and get at least one pair of fun (date night/girls night) heels.  I'm loving these I saw from Monkee's of Wilmington.

TWO | We eat salmon at least every other week around here, so I've booked marked The Yellow Table's miso glazed salmon.  Sounds so good and I swear salmon is the all time easiest dinner.

THREE | I've been checking out Marth Stewart's ideas for spring blooms trying to brainstorm Easter ideas.  Is anyone else hosting Easter?

FOUR | I am completely obsessed with this Jane Pope bangle.  This just may have to be the next "forever" piece that I put on my list.

Have a good weekend guys!

~Mary Keller


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