Yay or Nay | Contempory Light Fixtures

I am so close to being "done" with our bedroom renovation!  Seriously so close.  All of the major stuff has been checked off - bedding, drapes, dresser, lamps, etc.  The one major things that still needs to be decided is a ceiling light fixture.  I'm really considering doing something more contemporary here.  The rest of the room is looking pretty close to my original inspiration - very traditional with a bit of a feminine feel.  I've rounded up a few inspiration images below of traditional interiors using contemporary lighting to help decide....

So what do you guys think about contemporary light fixtures, especially in interiors with traditional interiors - Yay or Nay?  J.D.'s on the fence so I decided to round up images to convince him (and myself) and I was really surprised by how tricky it was to find examples.  There are plenty of beautiful contemporary light fixtures out there, but most of them are in gorgeous contemporary interiors.  And for me personally, I lean towards more of a traditional interiors.  So what do you think - would you do contemporary lighting in a room with a traditional feel?  If we're thinking this is a good direction, I'll round up a few favorite sources for contemporary fixtures.

~Mary Keller

images: 1st Dibs | House Beautiful via Zhush | Lindsay Adelman  | Marcus Design  | Veranda | Décor Happy


  1. I say YAY! I like how the juxtaposition spices things up! xo-