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backyard charcuterie | new spring sandals and rose | potting our herb garden | charcuterie with friends | Freedom Park | Virginia's mother's day school project/mugshot :) | MK's mothers day gift | Mother's day bike ride to Freedom park

Happy Monday friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was a great one for us. We knocked out all sorts of errands on Saturday before getting together with friends for some charcuterie and bruschetta in MK's backyard. It was so great to be outside and drinking rose with good friends. Andy and I planted our little herb garden on Sunday.  We're a little later than usual but we're hopeful for some healthy plants to provide lots of flavor for meals all summer long. 

MK and family celebrated mother's day on Sunday with a pancake breakfast, sweet gifts and a bike ride to Freedom park. Isn't that silhouette of Virginia too sweet! And how hilarious is her mugshot from school? That crazy hair is just too good! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

- Heath


  1. Hi! Could you tell me where you got your sandals? So cute.

    1. So funny Samantha! We just finished a post that will go live tomorrow on these sandals! :) I LOVE these sandals and my sister found them at Old Navy! check the blog tomorrow for more! Glad to see your comment/question - makes me feel like maybe our post for tomorrow isn't so lame! ;)
      ~Mary Keller