What's On Your....Bookshelf

This month, for the "What's On Your" series we're showing off bookcases.  I certainly don't think I really know what I'm doing when it comes to decorating bookcases, but they're one of my favorite parts of my home and most peoples homes I visit.  I think they can be so hard to decorate!  I truthfully unpacked boxes when we first moved in and put most of this stuff in place as I unpacked, and other then a few tweaks here or there, I haven't given much though or attention to these areas since!

A few (really dark!) photos of one of my bookcases below....

We have built in bookcases on either side of our fireplace.  They're really not anything fancy, but once they're filled you don't really notice that.  I tend to like bookcases filled with tons of books, plus a few personal items tucked in.  (I know some prefer bookcases with more decorative pieces, less books - personal preferences!)  My book club makes fun of me for only buying hardbacks, but I dream of having a "library" in my forever home so I'm adding books once month at a time!  Rooms lined in bookcases to me are the absolutely coziest!

A wedding picture, a few pictures of Virginia, miscellaneous vases my mom has gifted me through the years and a piece of art by my cousin's wife also are tucked in. 

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I've considered painting the back of my bookcases a fun color, but my house has a lot going on in it so I've stopped! :)  What do you think of this idea though?  Kind of fun!  Thanks for having us participate Sarah - it's always so much fun!

~Mary Keller


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