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Heath mentioned that I went on a girls trip to the Hamptons recently and I'd love to share pictures if you're interested.  Warning!  There are lots of photos so feel free to skip over - I just love having these pictures and memories to look back on.  Eight of my best girl friends from college met in the Hamptons for a little reunion, and it was the perfect mix of exploring a new-to-most-of-us place, really good food, and lots of relaxation.  Pictures below if you'd like to see more...

We stayed in East Hampton in the house pictured at the top, an unreal Airbnb find!  We were visiting during off season, but I can only imagine how amazing this place would be during warmer weather.  Bocce courts, multiple amazing porches filled with hammocks, a heated pool, amazing kitchen....I could go on!  The night we arrived we stayed in and caught up, and started early the next day with a really yummy mimosa brunch.  We shopped around East Hampton (so many cute shops!) and spent the afternoon pilled in our huge rental van exploring the beautiful homes and trying to track down famous celebrities' houses. :)

After exploring East Hampton, we hopped in the car and drove along the coast out to the point of Mantouk.  It was chilly and so windy on the point, but we got to see incredible views and the lighthouse.  Plus it was a charming (not at all fancy) beach town, and my NY friend tells me it's quite the party town in the summer. 

That evening we piled back in the van and went to the town of Amagansett for dinner.  I loved this little area and wish we had more time to explore Amagansett.  We went to a really delicious dinner at The Meeting House - it was packed, and perfectly warm and cozy.  Our friend who unfortunately couldn't make it on the trip because of last minute work obligations sent us a surprise bottle of champagne to the table (plus Shirley Temples for pregnant friends!).  We of course toasted her and decided this was a new tradition - you have to send champagne if you miss girls trips!  The evening ended with a trip to get ice cream plus the Bruce Jenner special.  Girls trips are a little less wild these days!

The next morning we headed to the village of Sag Habor for brunch.  We walked around the harbor and all of the adorable shops.  All of us really loved Sag Habor and were tempted by several designer consignment stores.  Turns out consignment Chanel is still unbelievable expensive so we left empty handed!

That afternoon we headed to a local winery.  Who knew the Hamptons actually have a few wineries?  I certainly didn't until we started planning our trip, but wineries are definitely a thing there.  After lots of walking and shopping it was so nice just sitting and sipping wine for a while.  Half of our group couldn't enjoy the wine (we have lots of babies on the way!) but the four of us that could partake definitely loved it, and our pregnant friends enjoyed the cheese!

The last morning we packed up to head back to the city to catch flights home.  My friends know that I am OBSESSED with Ina Garten - all time favorite "celebrity", lame I know!  As we were leaving East Hampton my friend in the car ahead called and she didn't even have to say her name, she just said "MK look to your left."  I died and we all turned around to do a slow drive by!  I was too chicken to say hello.  We left East Hampton but stopped in Bridgehampton for brunch on our way out of town.
We all really enjoyed the trip so much, and I'd highly recommend it for a low key girls' trip.  All of us are really spread out and typically have to fly to see each other and it's so easy to fly into NY.  (You do have to make a two hour drive from the city to get out to the Hamptons, but with a carful the trip is part of the fun.)  We would have liked warmer weather for sure, but the off season rates were incredibly inexpensive.  I think mid-May would be perfect to be a little warmer, but beat the summer crowds and prices.  Overall, it was a charming place - lots of little villages and towns just 10 minutes from each other with really cute shops, good wine and really delicious food.  And good people watching!  Lots of chic people with their sunglasses on (indoors) munching on healthy food and sipping drinks!  A really fun trip overall!
~Mary Keller
p.s. thanks to my friend Kelly for all of the photos!!


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