Style through the Years

A few weeks ago I mentioned noticing my grandmother’s beauty uniform when flipping through the photo album she sent. I promise I won’t keep talking about these albums forever but I did want to point one more thing I noticed. There are so many outfits in these images that I would LOVE to own! 

Mostly dresses because they used to get dressed up more than most do now, but seriously 50 and even 60 years later, they’re in style. I’m sure this is no surprise because I’m not even 30 and I’ve seen multiple styles go out and come back in my little life span, flare jeans anyone?! I pulled a few images together to share with you guys of my grandmothers style through the years!

The gorgeous blue dress on my grandmother and white shirt dress on my great grandmother above are my two favorites! I would love to own both of those pieces today. 

I also love seeing my grandmother in classics like the white button down and striped t-shirt above. We talk about how they never go out of style all the time on the blog, and these pictures are proof! And how chic does my great grandmother look in the blush suit? I love it! I'm not even a blush fan but there's just no denying how great the outfit is. 

Seeing so many classics as I flipped through these albums definitely made me think I'll stick to my simple wardrobe!

- Heath 


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