Friday Findings

Happy Friday friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Heath and Andy are off to Pennsylvania again this weekend - friends are joking they should just move there already :). This time they're visiting Andy's family so it's a little different than the past two times. They're excited to spend time with family and for cooler weather! Sadly's they're missing Steak Club, but I know the rest of the gang will enjoy it.  Other than Steak Club, our weekend includes a friend's fun 2 year old birthday and lots of relaxing.  Hope you have something fun planned!

A few things we found this week...

ONE | Southern Living has a great piece interviewing 13 Southern Chefs and Bartenders on the next big food trends.  I like the sound of adding cava to the list of popular drinks like rose and bubbly.  I don't think I've ever tried cava.  I also like the line "Hipster hospitality has run it's course...".  JD will like hearing that.

TWO |  I absolutely loved this post on Camille Styles on time savings tips when you get home from the grocery store.  I began reading thinking it would be the usual wash things as you bring them home, etc., but I actually picked up a few more tips that I'm really going to try to make part of my weekend routine.  A homemade salad dressing the for the week, a pitcher of lemon water for the weekend, soaking a batch of beans or grains, plus much more.  These should make healthy eating during the week easier.

THREE |  Big Sur, California was already part of my always growing list of places I really want to visit, and this trip recap from Fresh Exchange just made me more excited to visit at some point in my life.  I really want to explore Big Sur as part of a trip driving down California's coast.  Doesn't that sound like an amazing trip to do with another couple?  (Something about exploring California while driving along the coast sounds less relaxing with kiddos.  I'm thinking it's a couples or when children are older and don't hate the car kinda trip!)

FOUR |  Yea - Matine's sample sale is now live!  Good time to scoop up any leather goods you've been coveting! 

Last thing - my good friend Carrie Lamarca did a piece on Teen Vogue sharing tips using liquid brozers!  I'm so proud of her!  She's gotten way too big time to give her tips away on little Southland Avenue, but fortunately when I see her she does pass along tips for me to share. :) 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

~Mary Keller


  1. Marcus, Owen and I did the California coast drive a year ago, just after O turned five. We were in the SF Bay area for work, then headed south to meet up with friends in LA. We stopped in Monterey to visit the amazing aquarium, and Santa Barbara to play on the beach. It was beautiful, but really only good for an older kid who can sit in the car for many hours. We used audiobooks to help keep us entertained.