Happy Birthday Aunt Heath

Today is Heath's 30th birthday!!!  She's been busy working all week on a deadline, but we're going to make sure to spoil and celebrate her this weekend.  She and my mom both share early July birthdays so the 4th of July has turned into a birthday celebration for our family which I love. 
When Heath isn't busy working, traveling, cooking, hanging out with friends and Andy, she's usually playing with Virginia.  Virginia loves her aunt "heappie" more than anything - she seriously is Virginia's best little friend and Virginia lights up at the sight of her.  Those who know Heath well know how truly wonderful she is.  I couldn't dream of having a better friend or sister and hope Virginia gets to experience the same bond one day.  I count this blessing every night and hope that our sweet Heath has the best 30th ever!!!!!  Cheers to a wonderful 30 years, and cheers to celebrating in Italy on your 40th! We love you Aunt Heappie!!!!
~All of us!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Heathie!!! Hope its a wonderful day! Do I get to join on this 40th birthday celebration in Italy??!!