Cuffs Continued....

I found my perfect cuff!  Remember when we did this round up of  Forever Jewelry Pieces a while back?  Well our first pick was a classic cuff, and one found it's way under my Christmas tree this year.  Often we post about stuff we never (can afford to) buy, but this whole series is an idea I love and I'm truly trying to implement!  My grandparents were sweet to suggest that I pick out a cuff from them this year for Christmas, and I landed on the top right one you see above.  I love it, it's big and makes a statement and it's not something that I'll wear everyday, but I think it will make an outfit when I do wear it, and I'll enjoy it for years and years.  My grandmother called it an "evening piece" and I like that...maybe I'll wear it on a date night soon.  It's by Giles & Brother and it's the Original Cortina Cuff, but it's also available in a Skinny and even smaller Mini version.  I love them all.  Anyone else add a cuff to their wardrobe this year?

~Mary Keller


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